- COLUMBUS, the europ. element of International Space Station (ISS), is designed for 3 astronauts


- Details in Attached Pressurized Module / APM Specification (col-ribre- spe-0028)


and presentation to ESA/NASA Qualification Review (QR) teams ( 2004)


- Launch/Transfer to ISS: 11. Februar 2008 (STS-122)




Name Explanations

APM: Attached Pressurized Module - Formal name in Intergoverment Agreement (IGA) NASA/ESA and other documents e.g. ICD's

COLUMBUS: Later public name for APM

COF: Columbus Orbital Facility - covering APM, fault tolerant computer for Russian elements etc.





International Space Station (ISS)



3-D View ISS

Overview status 1997 / Presentation at TU Munich